Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life List

I have this thing I call my life list. On this list are things I would like to do in my lifetime.

Here are a few of those items I would either like to do or like to see:

1. Go to a Superbowl game (just to say I was there). Hopefully in 2012 when it is in Indy and the Colts are in it! The problem with this is I am cheap and hate to pay the ridiculous amount of money that is required for this and #2! Will still keep it on my list.

2. Go to a World Series game. Would love to see the Cubs in it! It will happen in my lifetime.

3. Learn to play the piano. Just love the sound of the instrument and seems so relaxing.

4. Go on a mission trip...not sure where just think it would be a very spiritual thing.

5. Serve a meal at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving with all three boys. I want them to be older and be able to understand how lucky they are to have what they have!

6. Go to Grand Cayman. From pictures I have seen it looks so pretty. The water looks deep blue and beautiful and I love vacationing at the beach.

7. Go to Walt Disney World...know it sounds crazy but I am 36 and have never been there! I think I may be more excited than the kids are to go. This one should happen soon.

8. Have a condo in Florida on the beach...may have to wait until the boys are out of college! Keep working hard Jim!!!

These are a few of the items I have on my list. I am always thinking of things to add to this list, but the real satisfaction is when one of the items you have on your list you are able to mark off due to completion. I had going to New York and seeing a Broadway show on my list and then last year Jim and I got to go. What a great experience it was! It was fun being able to say I had done it and once I was there could not wait to go back again!!

If you do not have one I encourage you to think about it. In the day to day routine we get stuck in sometimes it is fun to dream!

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Jami said...

Great idea! I may have to do one, too. Right now I am working on a list of little known facts about me. Boy, it is harder than I thought it would be. When I am finished I am not sure if they will really be facts people don't know about me, but it is fun trying!