Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Campers

Well, we just got back from our second successful camping trip of the summer. The first one we went to Turkey Run State Park. This one we went to Shades State Park. It is a non-electrical campground so no electricity but in the bathroom! The boys had such a good time. We have found a new fun family thing to do....go hiking! Jim and the boys took a couple of hikes on our first trip, but on this one as a family we took three while Jim, Connor and Carson went on 5 hikes. They were pretty rugged trails, jumping over streams, climbing up rocks and a lot of steps. The boys found frogs, bugs, mud and rocks to skip...any boys dream right?!

While sitting by the fire last night, I asked the boys their favorite thing on our camping trip. Connor's was the smores, Carson's was sitting by the fire, Davis' was the waterfall we saw on our hike, Jim's was being with his family and mine was not having a TV or computer for 2 1/2 days! I do love to be outside, sit by the fire and play games with the boys. I never see the boys ride their bikes as much as when we are camping. This trip Davis decided he wanted to take off the training wheels on his bike. He is now the master of a two wheeled bike! He is only 3...nothing like wanting to be like his big brothers!!

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Jami said...

Wow, you are true campers!! Way to go, Davis!