Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend, Dad finished the fort! It turned out so good. Now it just needs a coat of paint. Maybe that will be next weekend. Now the boys are figuring out what is needed on the inside. Dad already built a couple benches, corner table and hung some peg board. There is talk of a chalk board and cork board! Jim really did a great job!

Had a couple of fires, roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and assembled some smores!

We had some neighbors join us for a fire one evening, had some friends come stay with us before the race, but mostly just hung out as a family. It was a great weekend. We got a lot done around the house and really did not leave it much which I think was fine for all of us! We seem to always be go, go, go. So to stay home was a good adjustment!

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To a Boy...Mulch Pile = Bike Ramp

A couple of weekends ago we had mulch delivered. When I looked in the driveway, I saw a pile of mulch that needed to be put around the house. When my boys looked at the mulch pile, they saw a potential for a bike ramp.

While Jim was mowing the boys jumped the mulch pile a few times to see if he would say anything. He did not say anything so to them silence was acceptance! The next thing I know Jim is standing their watching them jump.

So what does a mom with a new camera do...well go it of course and see if she can get a shot of the boys in mid air! Never mind they are not wearing helmets...I was just glad I was able to get the picture.

Davis had a smaller bike that he could not get up over the pile with, so he decided to ride the bigger bike so he could do it! He had been putting off getting on this bike just a few weeks earlier, but in order to be like his brothers he will do about anything! He was so proud of himself.

And I wonder why everyday that I look in the mirror I see a few more gray hairs!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last Fall Carson talked to his Dad about building a tree house. Dad said that a tree house was not possible, but a clubhouse/fort might be a possibility. Carson had not forgotten about this conversation and asked his Dad early Spring about the clubhouse again. Dad told him he would have to wait until after his busy season. Well, two weekends ago Dad came through! He has been working diligently on this fort for the boys. They are all very excited!

When at Costco a few weeks ago, the boys saw a little playhouse that had a big window, like a drive-up window. They liked the idea and told their dad. So on one side of the fort there is a big window. On the other side there are two windows one higher than the other. In the back there is a window that is higher up just to let some light in! Pretty darn good for not really having any real plans drawn up. Just one little boy with a dream and a handy dad to fulfill it!The fort gets a thumbs up from the boys! They have loved watching the progress and helping their dad work on it.

Oh, the creative play and memories that will be made by these three boys this summer and many seasons to come!

Next step is moving it to the backyard and adding some siding, shingles, door and paint. Dad even said he might build a bench on the back wall for them to sit on!

More pictures to come as the progress continues. Jim has gotten a lot of hugs and thank yous from his boys. I think more than anything knowing that their dad is the one that made it for them will mean the most!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring Fling

On Friday, Davis had his Spring Fling. It is his singing program that his daycare puts on every year. He had been so excited to have us come and watch him sing his songs. He had been practicing his songs at home and boy did it pay off! He did a great job! It was also neat to see his brothers give him encouragement and praise.

The neatest part of the whole thing was that an anonymous donor gave the daycare, which is located in a church, money to buy each of the children that attend the daycare a new Bible! Could there be a better gift? I do not think so! I really hope this donor knows what a great impact these Bibles will have on these children. Davis has already had me read him stories from his. It was a special afternoon!