Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleeper Pajamas

When I was young my Grandma would buy us a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. When we were younger a lot of the pj's would be sleepers. I remember loving them. There was just one thing I remember I did not like about them, and that was how noisy they were when you walked. The reason I did not like this was because you see, I would always try to sneak into my sister's room in the middle of the night. In order to get to her room, I would have to go by my parent's room and if they heard me they would make me go back to my room. I literally remember crawling on my knees so they did not hear the noisy bottoms of my pajamas!

Then my brother was born, and I was forced to share a room with her. Sharing a room was not near as much fun as sneaking into her room in the middle of the night!

My two younger boys found sleepers in their drawer that they wanted to wear, and it had finally gotten cold enough for them to do that. Connor was so disappointed that he did not have any. So off to Target I go, and of course they did not fail me or Connor. Thank heavens for Target!

It is fun to see the boys enjoy their sleepers as much as I did!


Busy Bee Suz said...

They are so cute. I remember wearing them too...not so much the noisy feet, but you practically had to get naked to pee. :) and then you were cold. (ok, I grew up in florida, not that cold)
Love the story!!! Great memories.
Oh, and Target rocks my socks.

Jami said...

Cute picture of the boys! I remember those pajamas also. And I agree with your love of Target. I just wish I had one closer to me!!

Sandy Toes said...

So husband would wear them if they had his size!
-sandy toes

Sherri said...

My kids love "feetie" pajamas. I loved them to...still remember getting my last pair when I was in college :)!