Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The DREADED Question...

Here was the conversation last night.

Connor: "Mom, it is just so hard to believe"
Me: "Believe what?" Knowing full well what he was talking about!
Connor: "Santa"
Me: "Why?"
Connor: "Kyle said that Santa is just the parents getting the presents. Mom is it you that is doing it?"
Me: "You have to believe to get presents from Santa"
Connor: "Well, I want to believe"

I am just not good in these type of situations. It just makes me so sad that he is getting so old so quickly. I am hoping we can just get past this Christmas and then we may have to have the conversation with him about Santa and try to convince him to not tell his brothers!

We still made cookies for Santa and he wants to give the reindeer their food. It is so cute because he really does want to believe! Those darn kids at school, can't they just keep their thoughts about Santa to themselves!!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Those other darn kids always try to ruin things.....**why, why, why**
I used to tell my girls when they said that their friends don't believe in santa: "You know, there are lots of people who don't believe in Jesus or God too....and you know what happens to them right?"
It was a good line and it worked for many years. :)
merry Christmas.
They can be little only so long. sad I know.

Jami said...

That brought tears to my eyes...I can't believe Connor is old enough to be asking questions!