Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Sports

The fall season sports are upon us full swing. Carson is enjoying flag football, Davis soccer and Connor is doing tackle football. This is our first season with all three boys playing. It has this mom running like crazy, but it is fun. I just feel so blessed that we have three healthy boys that are able to play the sports they do.
The rule in our house is one sport per season. Just too darn crazy if you try to do more than that, especially with three of them. I feel bad for Carson because he is torn. He loves soccer, but it interferes with baseball and football so he has a hard time choosing. I can tell when he goes to watch Davis play soccer, he misses it.
The bad part is how intense these sports can be. At the age of 7, if you miss a season you are behind. Seems a little much. I doubt my boys will be playing any sort of professional sports, so I just hope right now they can play the sport of choice, enjoy themselves, and get a little exercise.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, we are so lucky to have healthy kids. I feel for Carson is a life lesson though. ALL about choices.
take care, suz

Jami said...

LOVE the pictures! Davis is growing up so fast...I thought the top two pictures were of Carson! I would love to possibly bring the boys down some weekend to see the boys play.

Sherri said...

These pictures are amazing. I also hate how it's hard to skip a season then go back. It was totally that way with Mafison's competitive gymnastics!!!