Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Bells are Ringing

My boys are off to another exciting year at school. They seem pretty excited, I think more for the social aspect of it rather than the academic, but at least they are excited for something!

Connor is entering 4th grade and Carson is entering 1st grade. This school year since I am not working, they are able to ride the bus home rather than going to an after school program. That seems to be new and exciting for them. They get to come home and have a snack and just be home.

I pray for the school, teachers and students that they all succeed and have a great 2009-2010 school year. I am so proud of these boys and their willingness to learn.

Had to take a picture of the white shoes. I cringed when he picked them out, but just bit my tongue since they are the ones he really, really wanted. Any bets on how long they stay white? I am giving them a couple weeks...if that!!

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Jami said...

4th GRADE!!! Why does childhood have to go so fast? I am glad Connor and Carson were excited for school. I know they will have a grand year! And what a special opportunity you and Davis have to spend some time together!