Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day at the Creek

One of our friends called and invited to join them at a creek they had discovered. When I asked the boys if they would want to go to a creek they excitedly said "YESSSS!" So off we went with swim trucks, crocs and buckets it hand! Let the exploring begin!

For three full hours we were there. The boys and Addison found water bugs, craw dads, baby cat fish (very little), minnows, saw a snake sunning himself, and saw a big frog that I am sure they would of caught if they could have gotten to him! They tried to build a dam and got pretty muddy doing it!

What fun for the boys to play and wade in the creek and discover all the excitement that a creek can offer! The best thing of all is that it did not cost us a dime and they cannot wait to go back!

1 comment:

Busy Bee Suz said...

Creek+kids=FREE FUN.
My girls love to do nothing but play in a creek..all day long. I wish I could put one in the back yard....