Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

Whew...what a week! The boys were on Spring Break last week. Wish we could have gone to the beach or somewhere warm, but with Jim's schedule that will not happen. Although, we did not go on "vacation" per se, we still kept pretty darn busy!

Friday March 27 - We headed to Columbia City, then off to a park to play for the afternoon.

The boys played on the playground equipment and rode their scooters around the park. They had a great time!

Saturday, March 28 - Davin's birthday party. Happy 12th Birthday Buddy!

After the party, we went to see the movie Race to Witch Mountain. The boys enjoyed it!

Sunday, March 29 - We went to my Grandma Betty's for Sunday lunch.

We have not seen my Grandma, the boy's great Grandma, for a while so it was nice to catch up with her. The boys got to play with their cousins and second cousins. It was a nice visit!

Monday, March 30 - Went to Chuck E Cheese with my best friend since high school, Chelle, and her three kids!

The kids all had such a good time and it was so nice to spend a whole day with Chelle. We even got to go back to her house and while the kids played her and I got to talk for the afternoon! I really wish we could do that more often. Her friendship is very special to me!

Tuesday, March 31- Happy Birthday Jim!!

We headed back so that we could be with Jim on his birthday. Unfortunately, his birthday is during his busy season, but my mom was here so him and I got to go to dinner. It was nice to catch up with him. We do not see each other much this time of year!

After dinner, we had cake and ice cream with the boys.

Wednesday, April 1 - We took the boy's to see Aliens vs. Monsters at the Imax in 3-D.

It is really fun to see the movie in 3-D! The boys also really enjoyed this movie.

Thursday - April 2 - Day of rest!!

Friday - April 3 - Off to the Children's Museum. We had not been in awhile and the boy's really enjoyed the Lego exhibit. They also enjoyed the Science Works room and the comic book exhibit. It was a great time!

Saturday April 4 - Off to Rochester for Cade's Birthday.

Hard to believe he is 3! Happy Birthday baby...I mean Big Boy Cade!

The boy's and I reviewed everything that we had done this week. I did not want them to go to school saying that they did not go anywhere! It was a great week spent with the boys. I hope they had a great time because I did! Wore me out!

Hope everyone has had a great Spring Break! Now I am ready for the warm weather to be here and stay!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, I am exhausted now. :) have done alot. Really, they should have some good memories from this fun filled week.
You need to rest now!!!

Jami said...

It sounds like you had a great week. We sure were glad you were able to be here for Cade's birthday party. I want to get to the Children's Museum for the comic book exhibit. I think the boys will enjoy that part.

Sandy Toes said... had a great Spring Break! VEry verY Busy!
sandy toe

mikenmarta said...

Holy cow!!! Trent's son looks exactly like him!!! I had seen a couple pics of him on Kari Freshour's facebook pics and its like having a flashback to your brother!!