Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family Fun Feast

Last Saturday, the boys and I headed to their school for the Family Fun Feast.
When I was in school, I remember it as the Spring Carnival!
Maybe they do not use that name since it is not officially spring!
The boys had a great time!
There was face painting,
Pin the tail on the monkey,group dancing,
and an intense game of bingo!

They also participated in the stuffed animal walk. (Cake walk ran
out of goodies!)
It did bring back memories for me of the spring carnivals I used to go to
at my grade school and how much I would love to go.
There was the ring toss, duck game, cake walk etc.
You would also get the tootsie roll or cheap trinkets as prizes that
as a kid you think are the coolest things.
As a mom...I despise that crap taking up space in a drawer or on a cupboard!
I throw them away as soon as I can without anyone knowing!
Our Saturdays have been jam packed with activities the past few
weeks, but I really love this time I have with the boys.
This is Jim's busy time so keeping the boys busy and their mind off of
missing dad is always a good thing!
By the way, not the best picture quality wise of Connor dancing.
I think I forget to turn the flash one, but I love the smile on his
face while he is so enjoying himself doing the group dance.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE the pictures. SO cute. those boys are growing up so fast......I remember some of that stuff as a kid. but it is more for me to see my kids do it...I am sure you feel the same way. :)
take care, suz

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara! It's been a long time. I found your blog by way of Marta a few weeks ago. You have adorable boys and I cannot get over how much I think Connor looks like his Aunt Heidi! I see alot of her in him. You have a great looking family and I've enjoyed checking out your blog and seeing what you've been up to. Good for you that you're able to be home with your boys - what a blessing! Tell your sister I said hello. I occasionally run into your dad or mom at Walmart. It sounds like everyone is doing well! Take care!
Hilary (Krider) Nicodemus

Jami said...

It looks like it was a successful family event!

We can't wait to come down for the big birthday party!!

RosyRose said...

what a fun day and you captured it so well!:) There is nothing like a good face paintin':)
Have a great day!

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Such fun times! I agree with you, I trash those little trinkets as soon as my children set them aside. The funny thing is, as much as they LOOOOOVE them, they never even realize they are gone after I pitch them!! Ha!!

Sandy Toes said...

They are so cute!!! Love the Bingo picture~
sandy toe

Aimee said...

I love the picture of Conner. When I scrolled to it I thought, "Oh my, he is such a handsome little boy."
Nothing says spring like a school carnival! :)

mikenmarta said...

I remember those CT Spring Carnivals so well! They were the highlight of the year! And oh, the cakewalks....who can sit on the empty milk crate the fastest?!? Looks like you and the boys had a great time!!