Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

A day of fun in the snow!
I know I may in the minority, but I do like snow!
Not to drive in, but to play in and that is what we did today!
The day started with shoveling the driveway.
That took a couple hours and we do not even have
a very big driveway!
It was funny how fast the boys got cold while we were
shoveling, but while sledding they were fine!
The boys built snow forts equipped with holes to crawl through.
We then went sledding!
I have not been sledding in a long time.
It was so fun!
I screamed louder than the boys cruising down the hill!
They wanted to go back after dinner, but mom was tired!!!
After shoveling and sledding mom is taking a couple ibuprofen
and calling it a night!
Thank you boys for a wonderful day!!!
And I brought work home in case of a school cancellation...
I should have known better!
How can you say No to these three?


Busy Bee Suz said...

wonderful pictures....looks like a fantastic quality filled day w/ mom and may need more ibuporfen for the day after too. :)

RosyRose said...

It looks like they are having fun! Snow days are so fun! They are so cute!

Jami said...

It sure looks like the boys had fun. I am not sure I will have it in me to go sledding when my boys are ready to do that. I like to look at snow, but I don't like to be in it!!

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

How CUTE are they?!!!! Gotta love a good snow day!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the boys reminds me of Jim, Jami and Jeff when they were that age, they loved the outdoors and making snow forts and snowball fights, right Jami, they hurt, ouch