Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Did it!

Well, I gave my notice at work this week! I am still going to work a couple of months to get them through the audit just because I feel that is the right thing to do.

I am not very good with change, so to step away from something that I had been doing for 12 years is going to be hard. I will miss hearing all the stories from co-workers about their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I will miss doing part of my job, not all of it, but definitely some parts I will miss! I will miss not having a paycheck to deposit. I will miss running errands on my lunch hour with no children.

Now that I have made the step, I am thinking about the things I cannot wait for. I cannot wait to see the boys get off the bus at home. I cannot wait to have time to make a hot meal in the evenings for my family. I cannot wait to go on vacation with my family and not worry about things at work that need to be done. I cannot wait to not feel guilty when the boys are sick and I am home with them. I cannot wait to clean my house, like really clean my house! I cannot wait to spend a whole summer with my boys. I cannot wait for Jim to say on a Tuesday night "Let's go camping!" and we can because I do not have to worry about taking time off work. I cannot wait to maybe have time to exercise. I cannot wait to help in the classroom more.

None of this would have happened had it not been for Jim. I am thankful I have a husband that works super hard and has a great job. I am thankful that he is the one that makes me feel like it will be okay to do this. It will be an adjustment for all of us, but a positive adjustment I hope!

There will be cutbacks and that is fine. I have come to realize that the cutbacks are just things, just stuff that if we do not have them OH WELL! To spend more time with my kids will be worth way more than any possession we could own.

Quote of the day:

When I told Connor I was thinking about this he said,
"I am not sure this is a good idea because we will only be depending on Dad's money!"

Another quote from Connor while sitting at dinner Monday night after I told them I had given my notice he said,
"Davis will probably not even know his ABC's when he goes to school!"

Wow! He has a lot of confidence in me!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flu Shots

Okay I am taking a quick poll you get the flu shot? Do you make your kids get the flu shot?

Tomorrow at work they are giving a free shot to employees. I am hesitant to get one. I am not a big fan of needles! But I will suck one up for the team if need be.

When the boys were little, I did make them get the flu shot but last year I do not believe I ended up doing it.

I am just wondering if I am the norm by not getting it!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Sock Monster

Seriously...I think there is a sock monster in the washer or dryer that eats just one of the boys socks! How can I have so many mismatched socks? I leave them laying on the dryer hoping that the next time I do whites maybe I can match up a few of them. Unfortunately, most of the time I do not find matches, but I end up adding to the pile! Notice that for some reason the monster must not enjoy adult socks only the boys!!! Well, I am washing whites tomorrow and going to try to wash up all that I have and whatever is not matched at that time will be thrown away.

Maybe before I do the wash, I better roam the house and I might just find a match or two. I think the sock monster may not live in the washer or dryer at all. Maybe the monster is not only one, but three monsters and maybe the monster(s) needs to learn to not just randomly take their socks off and leave them lay. Maybe if the socks would be put in the dirty clothes these poor lonely socks would meet their match!

Kids you got to love them!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Working Mom Struggle

Let me first give a little background. I have an Accounting degree from IU. I have worked for the last 14 years (wow that is hard to believe!) I started in public accounting in Fort Wayne and then moved to Indianapolis and went to corporate accounting. When I had Connor in 2000, I decided to go part-time (30 hours) not sure that is really part-time, but it is less than 40! I went to 3o hours because it was the least I could do and still keep my benefits. My current schedule is Monday-Thursday and have Fridays off. I am thankful that my employer has been so flexible. This has seemed to work pretty well. However lately I am struggling with trying to be a good employee and be a good mother! I feel like I am failing at both. I thought once the kids got in school it would be easier...boy was I wrong!

These are some random thoughts that continually go through my mind:

Could I be a stay at home mom?

Could I keep the boys occupied in the summer?

Would I miss work and adult interaction?

With the economy is disarray am I crazy to even think about not working?

Would I waste 4 years of an education I worked so darn hard for?

What would people think?

Could I handle the cutbacks?

Would it really be easier on everyone in our family, including myself?

There are many single mothers that do not have a choice but to work so maybe I should just suck it up!

I guess I will continue to pray on the matter! Hopefully, I will make the decision that will be the most beneficial to our family and myself.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Fun

Hard to believe it has been a week since Halloween. Our computer had been on the brink this week so I am a little behind on my posting! Anyways, last Friday was a fun one for me. I was able to visit Connor and Carson's classrooms and enjoy their Fall Parties with them and their classmates. It is always fun for me to be able to help at school when I can.

We came home from school and got ready for trick or treating. Since we live on a highway we do not get trick or treaters. Luckily, there is a beautiful neighborhood right behind our house for the boys to go trick or treating. Our neighbors invited us over for pizza, salad and beverages! The dad's took the kids out trick or treating while the mom's stayed at the house and drank wine and handed out candy! That is my kind of Trick or Treating. Don't let the dad's fool you, they took some beverages for themselves on their trek around the neighborhood! Seemed to be a common trend for many others!
It was fun having it on a Friday when we did not have to worry about getting up for school the next day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The Wagoner's had their first trip to the Urgent Care for stitches last Thursday! I have been blogging about the older two boys and things that they have been doing lately, so I guess Davis was feeling a little left out! Well, here you go buddy a post for you only!!

Here is how it happened...we got home from Connor's practice and all the boys were wound up. I think they knew Friday was Halloween and they were just all excited! Davis was standing by the hallway and Carson went to chase him. Davis turned and hit the corner of his eye directly on the corner of the wall. I hear Davis scream and then see the blood streaming down his face. Thank heavens Jim was home! I do not do well with these sort of things. The site of blood makes me a little queasy or should I say a lot queasy! I got a towel with ice and we put it on the cut. It thankfully stopped bleeding pretty quickly, however, Jim informed me that I better take him to get it looked at. I was able to get into the Urgent Care in town right before they closed and the doctor said he better put a couple stitches in it.

Davis did such a good job. I had to help hold him down when they numbed it and put the stitches in. I surprised myself and held his hand and even watched a little of what was going on. It is surprising as a mom what you will do to help your little ones feel better. I must say I was pretty proud of myself for holding it together and not passing out myself! As soon as he was done he got a glove balloon, sticker and suckers. One for him and his brothers! What a thoughtful little fellow he is! We got home and he just told his Dad that it hurt weally bad!

I guess I should feel pretty lucky to have 3 boys and this is the first run for stitches we have had to make! We went last night and got the stitches out. That was much easier than putting them in! I am sure he will have a little scar, but for a boy a few battle wounds seems to be a cool thing!