Friday, November 14, 2008

Sock Monster

Seriously...I think there is a sock monster in the washer or dryer that eats just one of the boys socks! How can I have so many mismatched socks? I leave them laying on the dryer hoping that the next time I do whites maybe I can match up a few of them. Unfortunately, most of the time I do not find matches, but I end up adding to the pile! Notice that for some reason the monster must not enjoy adult socks only the boys!!! Well, I am washing whites tomorrow and going to try to wash up all that I have and whatever is not matched at that time will be thrown away.

Maybe before I do the wash, I better roam the house and I might just find a match or two. I think the sock monster may not live in the washer or dryer at all. Maybe the monster is not only one, but three monsters and maybe the monster(s) needs to learn to not just randomly take their socks off and leave them lay. Maybe if the socks would be put in the dirty clothes these poor lonely socks would meet their match!

Kids you got to love them!


RosyRose said...

I have that same monster at my house!!! I just threw away a dozen unmatched socks this week!

Jami said...

Funny! It took me a second to figure out the picture...I thought it looked like the socks were hanging on a door!!

Anonymous said...

I have a sock monster at my house. I recently discovered that he lives in toy boxes. Seriously- you wouldn't believe how many socks I found in the toy box. Crazy.