Monday, October 20, 2008

Field Trips

This fall I have been able to go on field trips with the two older boys. I went to the Stuckey Farm with Carson. It is a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. They got to pick a pumpkin for their classroom, try different apples, watch cider being made, and learn about honey bees. It was a great day and great weather.

For Connor's field trip we went to the zoo. In third grade, they pick a specialty animal that they will research the entire year. The trip helps them choose an animal that they would be interested in! Connor has picked the Leopard Gecko. He likes to learn about reptiles! Such a boy thing, I was thinking more in the line of a cuddly koala. We did see the otters and they sure are cute little critters, but he is super excited about studying the leopard gecko. Guess that is all that matters. It was also a nice day for his field trip. A little cool but no rain. The animals were actually pretty active.

I love to share their field trips with them. I figure I better go while they still think it is "cool" to have their mom tag along!

I had to include the picture of the zebras. I just thought it was super sweet!


RosyRose said...

Hey Tara- thanks for leaving your comments. We love campfires too...there is just something about staring into that fire that is completely relaxing!
Your boys are so cute!
I see we started blogging about the same time. Isn't it so much fun? I'm lovin it! Come by anytime! Rose

Jami said...

How fun! I think the zoo trip with the research idea is a cool idea.

Aimee said...

Hi Tara! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love getting comments! I love the zebra picture on this post. Aren't fieldtrips the best? I also love your background!