Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

A day of fun in the snow!
I know I may in the minority, but I do like snow!
Not to drive in, but to play in and that is what we did today!
The day started with shoveling the driveway.
That took a couple hours and we do not even have
a very big driveway!
It was funny how fast the boys got cold while we were
shoveling, but while sledding they were fine!
The boys built snow forts equipped with holes to crawl through.
We then went sledding!
I have not been sledding in a long time.
It was so fun!
I screamed louder than the boys cruising down the hill!
They wanted to go back after dinner, but mom was tired!!!
After shoveling and sledding mom is taking a couple ibuprofen
and calling it a night!
Thank you boys for a wonderful day!!!
And I brought work home in case of a school cancellation...
I should have known better!
How can you say No to these three?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor!

For Connor it has been the birthday week! Last Saturday, we had the party for the family. A majority of our immediate family was able to come. I love to have our families combined and here for the boy's birthdays. I love that they get to play with there first cousins. Connor got a bunch of great things for his birthday! Thanks to all who came to share the day with us.
On Tuesday the boys did not have school for a staff development day. Connor invited 3 friends over. We ate pizza had cookie cake and were on our way to play Laser Tag. They had a great time playing laser tag and video games!
Finally, today is his actual birthday so he got the presents from us! Tonight the boys are heading to the Monster Truck show! Wow, Connor what a fun week you have had!

Connor, it amazes me that you are 9 years old! You have grown into such a young man. We are so proud of you and all the things you do. You are a great student, a great athlete and most important a great big brother! I often tell people you are my old soul. You are like a wise old man stuck in a little boy's body! You love to play your DS and do legos. You love to do craft projects and play games. You love to be outside.
I hope this year is a great one for you! We love you sooo much!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last Saturday I took the boys to the rodeo.

Cowboys, bulls, horses, and a monkey that corrals

sheep riding a dog!

One really neat thing that happened that

night, was the announcer saying a prayer before

the singing of the National Anthem. I thought it

was really special that the boys had to not only take

their hats off for the National Anthem, but

also for a prayer!

Another thing that made me think while we were there was

where does all that dirt come from

and who cleans it all up?

It is amazing that on the floor where the Pacers

play basketball there are cowboys getting bucked off a bull

in the dirt!

Now is this a cute cowboy or what?!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wagoner's Don't Do Whites!

And this is why!!!
When I picked up Connor from the after school
program this week he must have noticed the "You have got to be kidding me!?" look
on my face...because his reaction was hands raised in the air, eyes rolled
"Mom, it was taco day!"
I should have looked at the lunch menu, I guess!
The problem is it could have been hot dog day, chicken fingers day,
turkey sandwich day or even cheese and cracker day
and the shirt would probably still have
came home looking the same way!
Therefore, the reason Wagoner's do NOT do Whites!!!
Thank the Lord for Oxy Clean and Costco for selling the
gigantic box of it!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simple Things

My oven has been acting up. Wasn't heating up very quickly, was taking forever to cook things, and was reeking havoc on items I was attempting to bake. Was making me super crabby when I was trying to bake or cook anything!

So I finally called an appliance repairman that has been to our house at least 6 times in the last 18 months! A great Christian guy that we truly trust. After only a few minutes and not a lot of money my stove is back to normal...I hope! I have not had time to try baking yet, but you can bet I will do that this weekend. When my husband called to tell me it was fixed, I was so excited! I told people at work with a big smile on my face.

Maybe it is me getting old, but it truly is the simple things in life that make me happy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Favorite Gift

Normally Jim and I do not exchange gifts with one another, but this year we decided that we would exchange. It was his idea so I thought he must have something that he really wanted to get me. I was right!! He got me a new camera and not just your basic camera it is like a professional camera with an additional lens that I can actually get a picture of the boys playing sports. I am super duper excited. I am a pretty basic person and do not need a lot to keep me happy, however taking pictures of my boys or anything really is a passion of mine. I really love to do it. So I think I will look into taking a photography class and really learn how to use my camera! Hopefully in 2009 you will see some great pictures on the blog!

Happy 2009!

We survived Christmas. It was a lot of stops but a lot of fun. It is so fun to see the boys interact with their cousins. Since we are two hours away, they do not get to play with their cousins on a regular basis so at the holidays it is fun to watch get to have time to play with one another.

The boys got so many new toys, games, clothes etc! They have had a fun time playing with them the past week since they have been home. It is so interesting to watch the things that they play with. Things that I would of thought would be their favorite may not be and the things that I did not think they would play with are the ones that catch their interest!

We brought in the New Year with a group of friend. I forgot my camera so I did not get any pictures. May have been a good thing!! The boys were up until 2 am so yesterday was a very lazy day for all of us.

I am looking forward to 2009 and all that it will bring. My goal this year is to not worry about things that are out of my control. I am looking forward to "retiring" from my job in February and truly putting my energy in being the best mother and wife that I can be. My hope in doing this is that our family will all be happier with this change. Of course I would also like to lose some weight and get into shape since I will have a little more time. I do not always have the best will power so I am really hoping I will be determined to get this done. It is just getting started in a routine. There are plenty more, but I would like to focus on these few so I am not too overwhelmed!

I hope all of you have a happy and healthy 2009!